LED 0-10 Amp DC Ammeter Digital Display Module [SKU: MOD-A-036-XXXXX]

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Product Description

0-5 Amp digital DC ammeter with polarity protection. Operates on a wided range supply voltage of 4V-30V. Available with Red, Blue, Green or Yellow LED display. Compatible with lower development board.


Measurement Accuracy: 0.1%
Refresh rate: Approximately 200ms
Display: Three 0.36 " LED Digits
Measuring range: 0A-5A
Supply range:4V-30V
Operating Current: <8mA
Display Colors: Red Blue Green Yellow
Storage Temperature: -10°C to +65°C
Input impedance: 5 milliohms

Product Features

- This module uses high-quality LEDs with ultra-high brightness
- Based on STN8S003F3P6
- ultra-small footprint
- reverse polarity protection
- low cost, low power consumption
- Adds Current monitoring option to the lower development

Shipping Weight: 25.00 grams.

Price $6.49
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