AW-SoM Developer's Upper Deck [SKU: AWSOM-DEV-UP]

Product Description

AW-SoM's A Series SoM Development platform provides design and development tools to rapidly deploy products based on the latest in mobile internet technologies. Specifically design for the industrial embedded market, the platform utilizes Linux and Android open source software. Products developed using the platform can incorporate the latest features normally found in mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

Requires: A-Series Module & Main Carrier Board sold separately.
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Upper Deck Expansion Board

Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G/Voice, GPS, RGB LCD, LVDS LCD, VGA, resistive and capacitance touch, IR TX and RX, G-Sensor, Assignable buttons and LEDs, Headphone and Microphone Jack, Mini PCIe

Shipping Weight: 250.00 grams.

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