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About AW-SoM Technologies

It is AW-SoM Tech’s aim and mission to expand the impact we make on the world, strengthen our team and help our clients reach their goals and dreams.

We make use of Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) architecture to design and develop hardware and software for our clients who seek to advance in today’s fast-paced and tech- savvy world. These low-cost and energy-efficient ARM processors can be found in everything from consumer devices to industrial equipment used in the manufacturing and service industries. The widespread use of this technology continues to drive overall cost down, while at the same time advancing the technology at an incredible rate.

It is difficult to complete a product that is not outdated by the time the development process is finished. ARM-based chips provide a solution that allows companies to bring their product to market faster. Therefore many of the key players in the technological sector – such as Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo and countless others – license ARM architecture for their products in order to maintain a competitive advantage. ARM enables them to offer their customers more powerful devices that require less energy, and deliver ‘more bang for their buck’ to the consumer.

AW-SoM (Allwinner System-on-Module) is a single product with almost infinite applications. Coupled with one of our pre-build carrier boards or your own custom design, the module will offer clients high processing power while reducing energy consumption compared to existing solutions. Furthermore it is made to fit customers’ requirements exactly without including unnecessary components, which drive up the cost of your overall product. Our SoM uses a standardized SODIMM footprint allowing for easy system upgrading.

While the leading technology companies today restrict open-community access to the capabilities of ARM processors, our use of Allwinner Technology chips allows the customer to exploit this innovative technology for their purpose. The collaborative close working relationship that AW-SoM Tech has established with Allwinner Technology further enables us to offer our clients the full advanced features of the chip.

AW-SoM Tech controls cost by working directly with the customer to develop customized BOM, which reduces unnecessary hardware/software expenses, sourcing components directly from manufactures to eliminate buying through third parties. With offices located in the United States, Canada, and China AW-SoM Tech's staff manages QA and manufacturing of products to control delivery times, defects, and streamlining logistics by shipping directly to the customer.