AW-SoM A10 Single Core SODIMM Module [SKU: AWSOM-A10-SD]

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Product Description

The AW-SoM A10 SODIMM System-on-Module combines Allwinner Technology's A10-Series Cortex A8 SoC chip with RAM, Flash Memory, Ethernet Phyceiver and power management on to a business card sized PCB. The AW-SoM A10 series SoM makes all of the A10 features easily accessable which allows products to be launched in less time, with less effort and at a lower total system cost.

Key Features

-ARM Cortex A8
-Built-in intelligent power management system
-Fan less low power footprint
-RTC with built in battery backup
-Ethernet Phyceiver with registered MAC address
-Full access to all A10 features
-Upgradeable SODIMM Platform
-A-Series SODIMM pin for pin compatibility


Supply range: 3.8V-6.3V
Typical Power Requirements: <5 watts
Supply battery range: 4.1V/4.15V/4.2V/4.36V
Max Charge Current: 1.5 Amps
Operating Temperature: Commercial
Dimensions: 68mm x 52mm x 8mm
Footprint: 200 PIN 1.8v SODIMM

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Shipping Weight: 30.00 grams.

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